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(Last Updated - 4th July 2020 - highlighted thus)


From Sunday 21st June the RAGA Main Shop will be open for regular trading every Sunday, 10am to noon.  At this time of year there are unlikely to be long queues but please maintain social distancing if you have to wait to be served. 2m spacings will be marked on the fence.

You may still place an order and/or request a serving time if you wish.  Pre-ordering may be particularly appropriate if you only want something that might be out of stock - see below.  If you have a collection time you will have priority then over anyone else queuing.

Stock levels are low on a few products.  We have Clover m/p and John Innes composts, but only a few Tunstall m/p; growbags; and stable manures.  There is no ericaceous or peat-free compost.  The only slug killer we have is some large tubes of triple-concentrate pellets @ £5.25.

There is not much stock at the Top shop so when that is open on a Saturday (next 11am July 4th) you must pre-order everything except for the bulk fertilisers and the various canes in small quantities.

I am expecting some honey soon, but not in yet, and I have a few named dahlia plants available at £1 each - email for details.

Paul Stephenson (paul.h.stephenson@blueyonder.co.uk)

Bulk Buyer

LATEST 4th July 2020


We now have most listed items including new stock of ericaceous compost, anti-butterfly netting and honey @ existing prices.

Plastic Piping for cloches will arrive any day soon.

There is currently no peat-free compost and only a few stakes.

Prices of sand/grit/gravel will increase significantly when old stocks (not much) run out.

New stock Flexiballs 80p each.

Shading/windbreak is new stock.  2m wide, 30% shading - £1.10/m.

In addition to the existing bright green 25mm mesh 4m wide fruit cage netting (£1.20/m) we have dark green, 17mm mesh product at £1.40/m.

New item:- 1.53 m (5') wide pea/bean support netting 170 x 150mm mesh @ 16p/m.

New item:- Hortimix 1:1:1 soluble feed @ £2.60/kg. (We have 1kg of the previous Sangral product left.)

Perlite and Vericulite prices adjusted. Perlite 60p/500g (+10p), Vermiculite 90p/500g (-10p).


The RAGA shops are closed until further notice owing to the Covid-19 situation. Instead the following “Order&Collect system will operate for RAGA members:-

Main Shop.  Collections between 10am and Noon Sundays.

Orders must be placed, preferably by email to paul.h.stephenson@blueyonder.co.uk, between Sunday and Friday of the preceding week. If you do not have access to email you may text me, or phone me between 7 and 9pm, Sunday to Friday.  Please specify that you require Sunday collection.

You will receive a confirmation email (or text or call) by Saturday morning detailing the items that have been reserved for you, the total cost, and the time to collect them.  You may request a collection time at the time of ordering and I shall do my best to assign you at or near this time.

Payment on collection.  For your protection, you are strongly recommended to bring the correct money or a cheque so that you do not need to receive change.

For the benefit of all members, I reserve the right to scale back your order for an item, or offer a different size, if it is in short supply. Typically, you could get a maximum of 1 or 2 units of such an item.

Top Shop.  Collections between 11am and noon designated Saturdays (see notice board).

A similar system to above will operate for Upper Priestfields and Watts Meadow allotmenteers only.

Place orders, as detailed above, for the full range of Main Shop items, between Sunday and Thursday of the preceding week.

You must specify that your order is for Saturday collection.

You will receive your confirmation email (or text or call) by Friday morning.

Stock Situation.  Current Shop List 

I have new stock of Tunstall m/p compost 35L and Stable Manure, and a few Tunstall 70L m/p compost. 

You will be charged the old, lower price if stock remains.

I have been advised that our supplier may have sufficient Chestnut Stakes for me to collect in one or two weeks time. I shall advise you when they are available. No orders until then.

Paul Stephenson (paul.h.stephenson@blueyonder.co.uk)

RAGA Bulk Buyer

21, Canon Close, Rochester ME1 3EN

01634 400106

07375 084124 (Text only please)

New Items 12th May 2020

1) Clover Seed Compost  75L (£5.20) and also other replacement stock has arrived 12th May. There also will be 2 new items in the shop:-

2) 2m wide 17g / m2 fleece - 50p/m  - Note that this is the lighter grade that does not give as much protection against frost but is better as a "floating" cover against carrot root fly, flea beetle etc.

3) JAB Glue Band Traps (1.75m grease bands) £3.70.

2) Unwanted Broad Leaf Tree Saplings can be replanted

At the RAGA AGM in March,a member reported that an organisation was available who will be happy to come and collect any native, broadleaf tree saplings to help create woodland locally.

Details are Derek Whitehead 07724 775886; email: derek.whitehead@kent.gov.uk  Derek is the partnership officer Medway Valley Countryside Partnership.

3) RAGA TOILET (Lower Priestfields) – NOW REOPENED

 See here for TOILET Risk Assessment <LINK>  and here for TOILET USER INSTRUCTIONS  <LINK> 


On hold due to the COVID-19 situation.

The Wisley show in September has now been cancelled by the RHS.  No decision yet on a RAGA coach trip

5) RAGA Show 2020 - CANCELLED - (sadly)


This year’s RAGA Show again was held in the Thomas Aveling school hall,

Horticultural Judges – Chris Passey (Sevenoaks)

Home Produce Judge – Jennifer Goodban (Wainscott)


Brian Davies Memorial Rosebowl                    Steven Pettifer

Vegetables/Fruit Trophy                                   John Roach

Flowers Trophy                                                 TBD1

Home Produce Trophy                                     TBD2

RHS Banksian Horticultural Medal                  Paul Stephenson

New Winner Horticultural Trophy                     TBD2

Other Class Winners       (Full list of placings on the main allotment notice board.)


Show Photos are in PhotoBox click the link and the password is "RAGA2019"  < LINK TO PHOTOBOX >