Rochester Sites

RAGA is active mainly on four allotment sites within the Rochester area

  • A) Lower Priestfields
  • B) Upper Priestfields
  • C) City Way
  • D) Anchor Road (formerlly St Williams Way No.3)

Medway has many allotment sites please refer to the Medway Council Website for details. External Link <CLICK HERE >

There are RAGA shops located at Lower and Upper Priestfields see the SHOP page for full details. All Allotment Sites are locked for security purposes. Please contact Medway Council for keys.

Details of each allotment site:

Lower Priestfields - External Link <MAP>

  • Follow concrete track off Ethelbert Road, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3EU
  • Number of plots 81.
  • 71 on waiting list as of 3rd May 2017.
  • Most of the RAGA committee are based here.


The raised beds at Lower Priestfields site are intended for gardeners who find that the bending associated with normal allotments has come to impair their enjoyment of growing plants.

They are sometimes available for hire, and there are longer term plans to erect more. If you are interested in taking one on please contact Chas Allum, or any other committee members

Upper Priestfields - External Link <MAP> 

  • Follow the concrete track up hill off upper Borstal Road, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3BD
  • Number of plots 36.
  • 26 on waiting list as of 3rd May 2017.

City Way- External Link <MAP>

  • City Way Allotment, Elmhurst Gardens, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6UL.
  • Number of plots 26. 
  • 82 on waiting list as of 3rd May 2017.

Anchor Road - External Link <MAP>

  • Anchor Road, Rochester, Kent, ME1 2PR - follow the path between No 30. and No. 32.
  • Number of plots 8.
  • 37 on waiting list as of 3rd May 2017.
  • Where Steven Pettifer your webmaster is based.