The RAGA shops offer members discounted trading in:

Discounted trading

  • Fertilisers, composts, fabrics and a wide range of horticultural sundries.
  • Onion sets (Sept/Oct and Jan/Feb) and shallots (Jan/Feb).
  • Seed potatoes to individual order in September, delivered January.
  • Mr Fothergill seeds to individual order in November, delivered December – (last year 60% discount).

Shop Opening dates for 2018

Lower Priestfields (Main) shop 10:00 – 12:00 most Sundays; and the following Saturdays between 10:00 and 10:45:MARCH 10th,  APRIL 21st,  JUNE  2nd,  AUGUST 4th

Upper Priestfields shop 11:00 - 12:00. on MARCH, 10th, 31st,  APRIL  21st,  MAY 12th,  JUNE 2nd,  JULY 7th,  AUGUST 4th ,  SEPTEMBER 1st

See attached current shop list

We are currently out of Soil Improver and do not know when it will be available from our supplier.

Recent additions to our stock list include:-

  • "Alpine Gold" gravel @ £1 per 5kg  and  £3.80 per large bag.
  • Lawn Dressing (screened soil + peat and sand) @ £3 per 25L bag.
  • Boltac Grease Bands @ £3.50

For any Shop related issues or ideas please contact Paul Stephenson ( or tel. 01634 400106).