DUE TO COVID-19 issues please see Home Page for full SHOP ordering instructions.

The RAGA shops offer members discounted trading in:

Discounted trading

  • Fertilisers, composts, fabrics and a wide range of horticultural sundries.
  • Onion sets (Sept/Oct and Jan/Feb) and shallots (Jan/Feb).
  • Seed potatoes to individual order in September/October, delivered January/February.
  • Mr Fothergill seeds to individual order in November, delivered December – (last year 60% discount).

Shop Opening dates for 2020

Main shop   10:00 – 10:45     Mar 7th and Apr 4th.

Upper shop 11:00 – 12:00     Mar 7th, Apr 4th, May 2nd, Jun 6th, Jul 4th, Aug 1st and Sep 5th

See attached current shop list

We are currently out of Soil Improver and do not know when it will be available from our supplier.

Recent additions to our stock list include (Feb 2020):-

  • There are some spare nets of seed potatoes available for sale from the shop.

  • There are still plenty of Sturon onion sets on sale at 60p for 250g; some Red Baron onion sets at 70p for 250g; and some Red Pikant and Golden Gourmet shallots at 90p / £1.80 for 250g / 500g.

  • Some prices from Eden Park, Sheppey (mainly Tunstall-branded items) have gone up a little but so far we have been able to absorb these.  We have plenty of Clover multipurpose compost at £5 a bag but the price will go up to £5.20 later in the year when we re-order.  Anti-butterfly netting has increased in price to £2/m (4m wide) and Pyrethrum dust is now £3.50 a tube.

  • The only slug pellets currently on the market are those based on Ferric Phosphate.  These are touted as being “organic” (which is chemically ridiculous) but they are certainly less toxic to mammals than the methiocarb and metaldehyde that they replaced.  They are also more expensive, and time will tell whether this is permanent or whether market forces will drive prices down.  Take note of the concentration of ferric phosphate in the pellets (g/kg) as it varies.  We are currently stocking some shop-bought (“normal”-concentration) pellets at £1.20 / £2.10 / £3.60 per small / medium / large tube, but get them from Poundland / Wilko yourself to save 10 or 20p.  I shall be purchasing some more-concentrated pellets in early March.  When assessing how effective they are you must bear in mind that they do not cause the molluscs to leave slime trails or to die on the surface.  They are prevented from digesting so crawl away to die of starvation.  A recent study by RHS showed that generally the new pellets were not quite as effective as methiocarb/metaldehyde, except on Hostas where they noted an improvement.  The use of mulches led to more plant damage even where the mulch was claimed to repel slugs.  I shall continue to minimise my need for pellets by keeping the soil clear and then using plastic or wood to attract the pest to a moist haven where they can be gathered and crushed.

  • We hope to have Chestnut Stakes back in stock by the end of March now that the potatoes have been cleared.

For any Shop related issues or ideas please contact Paul Stephenson (paul.h.stephenson@blueyonder.co.uk or tel. 01634 400106).